Stop live animals export from India to other countries

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The Hon’ble Prime Minister
Shri Narendra Bhai Modiji
South Block, New Delhi
Respected Sir,

The recent decision of the indian Government to export live animals to Middle East for food with the hope of doubling the framers' income has created tremors in Rashrtapremi and Ahimsapremi across the globe. The world has always learned lessons of Compassion and Ahimsa from Bharat. This is our glorious ancient culture. But the recent decision has reduced our stature.
We wish to provide you the following logical details of how the live animal export can’t achieve the objective of doubling the farmers' income ..

1) According APADA ( Govt agency) Our country is the largest exporter 22,060 MT of Sheep & Goat meat to the world worth of Rs. 871cr. during the year 2016-17. Major export is done to UAE., S.A., Qatar & Oman. Per minute around 20 Goats are slaughtered for local consumption and export and still we have failed to increase farmers' income.
2) Export of live Goats for slaughtering is not a new proposal but has existed since many years. Why has the farmers' income not increased and why the suicides of farmers have still continued?
3) In the year 2017, Indian Goats were sold in countries like Dubai etc. during EID at approx. Rs.30,000/- per Goat. The same Goats were exported from India at around Rs.3000/- FOB per Goat. Small Pashupalaks do not get above Rs.2500/- per Goat, so they are not the real beneficiaries out of this concept, thus it’s a failed concept. It Must cease .
4) Sheep and Goats are also shipped from Tuna port, Gujrat regularly in open Ship crafts by sea under horrific conditions of brutality. They are kept almost starved and thus many animals die and suffer enormously during travel. No rules are followed. Why has the Govt allowed this?
5) Importer nations inflict many cruelties on exported animals, they are even roasted alive for food. Globally it’s been condemned, protested, and appealed to stop the live animal export.
6) Goats and Sheep are environment friendly, their excreta is highly nutritious for the soil and helps in improving productivity of farms . This way Goats are really ecofriendly and supportive to Agrarian community and can truly increase the farmers income. They also provide nutrients by way of milk .
7) Idea of conserving and preserving is always more sustainable than destroying.

Our contention is that we should not be party to such failed ideas and brutality for few US dollars . We Hindustani always believe in Jivo - Jivasya - Jivanam and not Jiv - Jivasya - Bhojanam. Our endeavor is to maintain and evolve our magnificent ancient traditions.
We pray to you to immediately promulgate notification and gazette it prohibiting export of Live Animals from India. This is also in keeping with your and BJP’s core values and manifesto to scrap Pink Revolution. We The people voted for you on your values, ethos, and principals. it’s your identity.
Thanking you,
Team Yuvakranti