Petitioning Consul General of Japan in HK Yuji Kumamaru

Stop the brutal slaughter and capture of dolphins and whales in Taiiji.

I've just signed the following petition addressed to the Consul General of Japan, HK(Yuji Kumamaru)

Stop the annual killing and capture of dolphins in Taiiji.

This petition is for anyone who is unable to join our protest in HK on 31st August, outside the Japanese Embassy, 8 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong.

Japan Dolphins Day (JDD) was founded by Ric O'Barry and Save Japan Dolphins (SJD). WE are honored to again be working with SJD and an international team of organizations and activists to help make the 2012 Japan Dolphins Day the biggest and best GLOBAL event ever to raise awareness about the plight of dolphins in Taiji.
On August 31, 2012 rallies and peaceful protests will be held in front of Japanese Embassies and Consulates worldwide.
The events are to protest the September 1 start of the annual Taiji dolphin cull as seen in the Academy Award-winning documentary The Cove.

The message is positive:
Japan, let the dolphins live and be free!


Letter to
Consul General of Japan in HK Yuji Kumamaru
Dear Consul General Of Japan in HK,

We the undersigned members of the community implore you to put an end to the brutal treatment and unsustainable slaughter of dolphins in the Japanese drive fisheries. Scientific research shows that dolphins are highly intelligent, self-aware and emotional animals with strong family ties and complex social lives. In addition, repeated recommendations from the international scientific and management communities to end this hunt have been ignored and there are no current population assessments of the most targeted species in Japanese waters. We urge you to lead the way and take action in stopping the inhumane treatment and killing of these highly sentient mammals.
We strongly believe that the sourcing of animals from this fishery for any purposes including human consumption, fertilizer and live public display, is unethical.
Dolphins annd whales belong in their natural habitat and can be observed this way as an alternative way of enjoyment.
I ask that you urge the Japanese government to revoke permits that allow Japan's Fisheries Agency to continue this heinous, dangerous and illegal practice.

Japan, Let the dolphins live and be free.

Your immediate action is needed.