Re-active the JackkTutorials YouTube Channel

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JackkTutorials was a great place of learning. 4 Years of hard work went into getting this channel off it's feet and getting it to where it was now.

On Friday 1st May 2015 it was permanently terminated by YouTube because of 'Dangerous or Harmful content'. 

JackkTutorials was a Computer Technology channel that taught people who were eager to learn computer security, programming and not only understand how things happen but also how to prevent them; keeping them safe online when they are browsing the web.

JackkTutorials caused less damage than it is stated to have caused. The amount of fans who have personally thanked me (Jack) for teaching them security and how they have been able to feel safer when browsing the internet online and being able to ensure that they were not been watched and there accounts where not in danger.

The YouTube Community Guidelines are not detailed enough. The reason that they have suspended by channel has absolutely NO relevance to my channel and certainly does not have any content that, and I quote, 'in activities that have a high risk of injury or death.'

JackkTutorials played a huge part in my income and helped me pay my bills and now that has gone. I taught the only thing I knew and people appreciated it and thanked me every single day. 

This is a petition for YouTube to change their decision and start an investigation to who flagged the video and if they were even real accounts. 

Please sign this petition whether you are a fan or not and help me get back my hobby. 

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