Tell YouTube to #LetUsDecide and #StopCensoring

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500! is deleting videos and demonetizing channels regardless of the merit or value of the material. The systematic deletion of such videos - simply because it might disagree with the position of an organization like the WHO or US CDC - amounts to censorship. Such censorship removes our ability to gather facts, make our own assessments, arrive at our own conclusions, and make our own informed decisions.

An example of this censorship is the work of Dr. Roger Seheult, an Associate Clinical Professor UC Riveside Medical School and Loma Linda University. His MedCram site and YouTube channel are used by medical professionals for continuing education credit. Non-medical professional find his information informative and easy to understand. By all accounts, Dr. Seheult is a recognized medical expert. Unfortunately, YouTube has deleted several of his educational videos simply because they contain the word “hydroxychloroquine”. Contrary to YouTube's actions, discussions of this, or any other medication (especially while reviewing medical papers and journals) should be encouraged. Such material should not be politicized, discouraged, deleted, or in any other way censored.

Instead of censorship, this petition asks that YouTube take no action toward deleting, demonetizing, or banning such videos or channels. If YouTube feels that some action is necessary to “protect the community", then this petition ask that YouTube label such content in similar way that Not Safe Work Work content is labeled NSFW. An example of such a label is: May Disagree with an Official Stance (MDOS).

Please join us in telling YouTube to #LetUsDecide and to #StopCensoring videos and content simply because they might disagree the views of another group or organization.