Stop animal abuse in the name of rescuing them

Stop animal abuse in the name of rescuing them

2 December 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Aryan Chanda

Dear reader, I humbly request you to read the petition completely. Reading this and taking action can help save innocent lives. 

Internet fame is something that a lot of people are seeking these days. Most of them are achieving this through harmless entertainment on social media platforms but, would you go as far as far as abusing animals and then pretending to rescue them for achieving your personal gains? Imagine a man taking a small puppy or a kitten, injuring it and then drowning it in a deep lake where it can't swim ; later taking out a camera and pretending to rescue it by bringing it out of the lake. He then uploads the video on YouTube and presents himself as a life saving hero to the whole world. I haven't exaggerated any of this. This is happening in real life. To make things worse, these videos have advertisements attached to them which makes such animal abuse monetized. 

                  One day as I was going through videos of animals on YouTube, I came across a video named, "YouTube's fake animal rescue ring" by a YouTuber called " Nick Crowley". It shed light on some cruel and merciless acts done to animals by some pretentious people. As mentioned by Nick Crowley, a few channels namely Happy Dog,The Rescue Journey tv, yorquy and others voluntarily put animals in dangerous conditions and later pretend to rescue them. They perform acts of such cruelty knowing very well that they are doing nothing but risking the lives of innocent animals who have caused them no harm or sometimes even kill them in the process. Moreover, they use the same animals again and again to put them in danger and later pretend to rescue them.They also pit puppies and kittens against deadly snakes to pretend and rescue them, where there is a lot of scope of the snake killing the animal it is pitted against.They find something like a kitten or a puppy with a snake so many times that you can clearly tell that they are staging their acts. All of this is done just for the sake of views and fame. You might ask me, "How do you know that the rescues are fake? They don't show themselves putting the animals in danger, do they? " I have the answer for it. Let me give you a few examples if you want proof

1. On YouTube, search for the videos that I'll mention now. Search for the video " We Found 6 Cute Puppies In The Garden And They are 6 Cutest dogs In The World" . Then search for " I Followed A Little Puppy & I found A Lot of puppies, They need a Home Now". There is a man in both these videos and it is the same man in both of them but, both of the mentioned videos are from two different channels with two different names in two different languages. There is a note to be taken here - Both these channels' names used to be in English before. Their names were "Animal Lighthouse" and "Animal Safeguard". I'll tell you why the channels' names were changed later below. 

2. Check out the video "Rescue the cat trapped in the pile of bricks..Rescue abandoned kittens in rubble" by a channel named Pets Kittens which was previously named " The Rescue Journey tv" where a man is wandering in an empty ground. All that the ground has are some trees and some grass. There are a pile of bricks stacked up at some point of the ground where there seems to be no construction going on anywhere around the place. Now the man in the video goes to the brick pile , starts clearing the bricks and surprisingly finds a kitten in it. How could there be a pile of bricks with a kitten hidden in it in an empty ground unless the whole act was staged? Even if it weren't staged, there would be no way that the man would have gotten an indication that the kitten was there. This indicates that the act WAS staged. I'll tell you why the channel's name has changed below; as I mentioned in the first point. 

3. All these fake rescue channels always seem to find only small kittens or puppies. They never find fully grown adult cats or dogs in trouble. The reason behind this would be that animal babies wouldn't harm these people because they are too delicate and  fragile. Fully grown adult animals would definitely react in some way. 

The YouTuber Nick Crowley has exposed some of these fake animal "rescue" channels, I would highly recommend you to watch the playlist " Fake Animal Rescue Channels " playlist on his channel " Nick Crowley ". A lot of people including me have even reported these channels in support and wrote to YouTube to take them down. To our disappointment, YouTube did not respond. But due to a considerable number of reports, the channels that I talked about deleted videos which proved that they were using the same animals again and again in their videos. They also changed their channels' names as I mentioned above while I mentioned a few points telling you why these channels are fake. They changed the names of their channels to make it inaccessible for the audience who reported them to view and report their channels with changed names. They still continue to upload videos of fake rescues like nothing ever happened. Below, I will mention a list of channels' names and what they were known as previously. 


Puppy Love                         Happy Dog

Pets Kittens                        The Rescue Journey tv

Love Pets                             yorquy

my kittens                            pabloxito 17


A channel named Love Rescue Animals has not not changed its name. It has remained the same. Few channels like  The Rescue Journey, Animal Lighthouse, Little Furry Friends and Animal Safe Guard have changed their text to other foreign languages. To report these channels, please watch the YouTube video "YouTube's Fake Animal Rescue Problem" which was published on 26th October 2020 by the channel " Nick Crowley " where the links to the fake rescue channels can be found in the description box of the video. The channels' creators might even delete the videos I have mentioned to remove evidence if this petition becomes successful but I have screen shots of the videos. 

After this, a lot of people wrote to YouTube again explaining how these channels are changing their names and still continuing to upload fake content. YouTube didn't respond this time too. I have to point out YouTube's odd behaviour here. YouTube's Violent or graphic content policies has a total of eight points in it. Three of them are:

1) Content where there is infliction of unnecessary suffering or harm deliberately causing an animal distress

2) Content where animals are encouraged or coerced to fight by humans

3) Dramatized or fictional footage of anything listed above where the viewer is not provided with enough context to determine that the footage is dramatized Or fictional. 

As of the first point, it is obvious that content creators of fake rescues deliberately cause harm to innocent animals. The second policy says animals should not be coerced to fight by humans whereas the fake rescuers are pitting snakes against puppies or kittens very constantly. The content that these people are providing is dramatized and fictional as I have given evidence. I don't understand why YouTube still hasn't taken any action by banning or taking down such channels while these so called rescuers are violating so many of Youtube's policies every single day. YouTube PLEASE TAKE ACTION

Fake rescue channels have so many viral videos in them with most viewers thinking that the content is legitimate. The channels that I have mentioned aren't the only fake rescue channels on the YouTube platform. There are so many more fake rescue channels emerging every day; thinking of this type of content as a source of quick money. It's disturbing to look at the rate at which new channels like this are growing. It's horrifying to think about how many more innocent lives will be injured and killed. We might be able to solve the issue to some extent by reporting content like this. Please report such content if you come across any of this sort representing disguised animal abuse. The major solution for this problem falls upon YouTube monitoring and taking action on these channels. This will scare the fake rescuers from creating violent content which they are creating now. If this petition gets successful (which I am confident it will), we will be able to reach YouTube. YouTube, if you don't take action on this issue even after this petition reaches you, remember that you will be the cause of the torture and death of so many innocent lives. Please sign this petition and share it to as many people as possible. Let's save lives. 

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Signatures: 574Next Goal: 1,000
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