Remove the copyright strike against YouTubers: "Bobsheaux" and "IHateEverything"'s movie reviews

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   Yesterday, Derek Savage, creator of the Cool Cat books and movie, filed a YouTube copyright strike against the channels "Bobsheaux" and "IHateEverything" because of video reviews on his movie, Cool Cat saves the kids". There are many things wrong with this. Firstly, the purpose of copyright law is to prevent people from taking credit for another's work. The removed videos did not in any way claim ownership of the movie, and even expressed the channel owners' opposition to having such ownership. This leads one to believe that the negativity towards the movie in the reviews was the reason, (and a wrong one) to take out the strike. In addition, the owners of both channels were not given warning before the strike, and are now restricted from ever producing another video exceeding 15 minutes in length, as well as other perks. Before the strike, these videos made up a great portion of their channels, so, as well as removing "a week's worth of work" from the channels, the strike now prevents them from producing videos of desired length. This, in addition with the exploitive motives behind the strike, inhibit the channels' freedom of speech because of an opposing viewpoint. It is for these reasons that the copyright strikes against "IHateEverything" and "Bobsheaux" should be removed.

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