YouTube Define Your Polices Regarding the Alex Jones Channel & Defamation

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Dear YouTube Legal,

Pursuant to your polices and complaint process, I filed a complaint regarding a defamatory video posted by my ex-husband, Alex Jones. The video was not only defamatory, it was also endangering in that it broadcasted the address where my children and I reside. It also broadcasted other personally identifying information that could be used to harass me and violated the seal order in the custody case. 

After several email exchanges, you finally removed this video last week. While I am very thankful that the video has been removed, I am growing more and more concerned that removal of this one video is not enough. There is at least one other “fake news” video about me posted on your website through Alex Jones’ channel that has not been removed despite a complaint, and I have discovered other “fake news” videos that involve my children.

My complaints and concerns have been made on the tail end of a massive news cycle wherein my ex-husband made outcries of “censorship” and the “impending takedown of his channel” to run a huge donation drive. Given the high volume media attention during the donation drive, it became evident that Alex Jones used your channel to defame me and to broadcast fake news about me to millions of people.

Unfortunately, this is another shocking example of his incendiary and irresponsible course of conduct.  From Sandy Hook to Charlottesville, Alex Jones has defamed and injured a fragile and tragic segment of America’s population. He has purposefully engaged in defamatory speech for massive profit on your channel.

Just two days ago, he posted a disturbing video of the Parkland survivors as Nazis. As such, it is clear that he is continuing to use your channel to harm people.  It is my understanding that other victims have lost their jobs and have been negatively impacted by his speech on YouTube. 

He has not only assassinated the characters of the parents of mass shooting victims but erased and injured the memories of their minor children. Even worse,  Alex Jones’ defamatory speech is often a thinly-veiled call to harassment for his followers. Those targeted by Alex’s defamatory speech often find themselves the victims of ongoing harassment.

With regards to my own situation, YouTube provided my ex-husband, Alex Jones, with a forum, and this has hurt my life by allowing Alex to mischaracterize the Jury’s decision for me to be Primary Parent to millions and to continue a false narrative about the history of the case and about my mental health that has been used to torment me for years.

My children, my friends, my children’s friends, my community had this one-sided fake news about me through your channel during the divorce and child custody proceedings that gave my ex-husband an unfair advantage. Additionally, I have been targeted by extremists online.

Alex Jones has said that his channel was one strike away from removal, yet the removal of this video has not had any effect on his channel. Rather, Alex Jones used your channel this weekend to post a video of my minor son without my approval. Your failure to act and remove his channel allowed that video to be played to millions of Alex Jones’s followers.

Therefore, because YouTube continues to provide a forum for Alex Jones to harass people, I and the undersigned ask that YouTube:

1.     Concretely and precisely relay what your policies really are generally and how those policies are being applied the Alex Jones Channel’s current status.

2.    Confirm whether or not the above-described fake news video’s takedown does not constitute another strike on The Alex Jones Channel.

3.     Explain why the takedown of this video doesn’t constitute another strike on the Alex Jones Channel.

4.     Let America know whether or not you will apply your policies to past instances of defamation if brought to your attention (as I did recently).

5.     Tell America whether or not Alex Jones misrepresented the facts in his “censorship” and “take down” outcries, and, if this is the case, let America know if you will address all such speech on your channel as fake news and comply with your standards thereabout.

6.    Tell America whether or not you intend to continue to allow Alex Jones to monetize his content on YouTube/pay to promote it despite all the above and other instances I have reported to you.

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