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Get Tammy Newborn Permanently Banned from YouTube.

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Youtube is meant to be a place to share videos, ideas, and generally entertain others, however a certain YouTube user by the screen name: Tammy Newborn, is constantly going around videos revolving around the company 4Kids Entertainment and ruining the entire comment section with constant threats, harassment, and cyberstalking other profiles, leaving nasty and long comments meant to harm or make others feel unsafe. This action is of course against the rules of YouTube, yet reporting him doesn't do much as he will make more accounts to keep his rain of terror going. Tammy Newborn has been making people feel very unsafe for over 4 and a half years and shows no signs of stopping. He must be stopped before he commits anything serious, such as when he once got himself arrested in real life for stalking a YouTuber he harassed online in person over, you guessed it, 4Kids. Unfortunately however, he was released a few months later and continues to do his malicious deeds. Help make YouTube safe again for people to share their thoughts on 4Kids, without running the fear of being on his hit list, as he will attack and threaten anyone even if their opinion of 4Kids is harmless or skeptical.

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