De-Monetize Nikki Phillippi's YouTube Channel

De-Monetize Nikki Phillippi's YouTube Channel

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Started by karli clark

Throughout a 24-minute long YouTube video, Dan and Nikki Phillippi attempted to explain their decision behind putting down Bowser. 

Bowser was a perfectly healthy Bull Terrier that the family had owned practically since he was born. There is no evidence the couple ever tried to train this dog to behave in a certain way, they simply blamed his aggressive behavior on the fact that he was attacked by another dog as a puppy. 

In the last couple months, the couple grew concerned about Bowser's behavior towards their toddler. The deciding factor for them to euthanize a perfectly healthy dog occurred when their son "could not help but interrupt Bowser while he was eating, and could not help taking food from him" and the dog bit him. Did not attack him, bit him and left a small mark on his face. 

The couple claimed to have contacted multiple professionals who all advised them that the dog could not possibly be re-homed because Dan and Bowser were bonded, having been together since Bowser's birth. Rather than reaching out to a community of over 1 million people to attempt to re-home Bowser to a home without dogs or kids, they simply spent their last day "playing with Bowser in the sun and relaxing with him" before calling a specialist to come euthanize their dog at their home in Nashville. 

One of the most disturbing and telling comments of the entire video comes from husband Dan, who states, "In the moment I'm thinking, you know, I grew up with the movie 'Old Yeller,' and I wanted to pick Bowser up by the back of the neck and take him into the backyard and put him down right there."

Sign this petition in support of de-monetizing Nikki's YouTube channel! She is proving to be a danger to society with the content she posts and does not deserve a platform, let alone one that makes six figures a year.


100,439 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!