Remove Kalvin Garrah's YouTube Channel

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Kalvin Garrah, a popular transgender YouTuber, has used his platform to bully people and promote hate, including attacks on various transgender and gender non-conforming YouTubers, making them out to be invalid in their experience and even treating them as a threat to the transgender community. 

He also has a history of using users unpublished footage to promote this hatefulness, and exclude people from the trans community. 

This is harmful, because someone who is very popular and influential shouldn't be treating other trans YouTubers like this, as it may cause people who do not have knowledge of the trans community to believe that there is *one, set-in-stone way* to be transgender. His content is miseducating, and even after the removal of some of his videos, he continues to post this harmful content.

Removing his channel all together will prevent this hate speech from continuing any longer.