Be More Cautious With Copyright Claims! Let Claimholders Decide!

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Recently, copyright claims on YouTube are getting out of hand very badly. YouTube Poops and similar parody videos have been reported to claimholders by YouTube's faulty copyright filter, with no further information given about the videos in question. Therefore, the claimholders don't know that these videos are parodies, because the only thing that YouTube knows is that these videos contain copyrighted content, whether it's fair use or not. This has caused outrage from many YouTube parody creators. And I care, because these parodies are downright fun to watch!

What we need is a new system.

If a video contains copyrighted content, YouTube should let the claimholders judge for themselves. The claimholders MUST read the video title and descriptions to make sure whether or not it is a parody; if it is a parody, it therefore falls under fair use. This way, the companies have a better say, considering YouTube just notifies the claimholders that their content is being used, and use no other details.

If this fails, YouTube parodies may die for good. If this succeeds, they shall live on and entertain millions of fans across the globe. Please help out and make things right on the Tube!

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