Young People’s Call to Action Towards Multi-sectoral Approach to Combat Climate Change

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Young People’s Call to Action Towards Multi-sectoral Approach to Combat Climate Change

As we take on this journey towards the world we want by 2030, we recognize the need for a multi-sectoral approach in achieving sustainable development. One of the biggest challenges our generation is facing today is climate change, aggravated by severe plastic pollution, which affects not only people and cultures throughout the world but also all living creatures. At this juncture, we have come up with call to action addressed to the institutions and communities that play a crucial role in battling this global problem.

We urge the government to take action in implementing laws and strengthening institutions. Recognizing that climate change is not only an environmental issue but also a socioeconomic one, the government must review existing environmental laws and pursue necessary reforms, in collaboration with all stakeholders. Reforms must also include strengthening of research and development efforts addressing climate change.  Furthermore, we call on the government to continuously improve the quality of education and the lives of its people to enable them to contribute more to society.

Being cognizant of the limitations of our planet’s resources, we also call on the private sector to exert firm management strategies to ensure that our resources are protected while we pursue sustainable economic growth. We also challenge the private sector to come up with green innovative practices that will pave the way to a prosperous generation.

Lastly, as fellow vanguards of social good, we implore the civil society to intensify their efforts on sharing, educating, and raising the public’s awareness on environmental issues and the role each of us plays in safeguarding our planet. Together, let us take a stand and be proactive in working with local communities and engaging in the grassroots.

As daunting as this battle may seem, we believe that with collective action, we can protect our planet. Delaying action will lead to irreparable damage that will affect all its inhabitants. Let this generation be the one that will create ripples of change that will keep this world a livable place in the years to come.

As we commit to being responsible stewards of this cause, we rally everyone to heed our call for a sustainable Mother Earth.

As young Filipinos and citizens of the world, we pledge to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Let us #LeaveNoOneBehind.




[1] National and Regional Officers, 2030 Youth Force in the Philippines Inc.

[2] Participants, Climate Action Forum 2018


This call to action is made by the participants of the recently concluded "Climate Action Forum: Filipino Youth and Solutions to Plastic Pollution," organized by the 2030 Youth Force in the Philippines, Inc, in partnership with the Philippine Information Agency.