Pass/Fail basis for YorkU courses in all faculties during COVID-19 Crisis

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Due to the choice by many nearby universities (such as UofT) to give the option to switch an unlimited number of courses to a Pass/Fail grading system we, the students, ask for all courses at YorkU to also create this option for the remainder of the COVID-19 crisis and to add a foot note under this semester's section of the transcript.

I understand YorkU has extended the deadline to May 9th but it is unclear if it allows all faculties and if there is no limit on the number of courses.  Again very clearly, the ask is that we have the option to do it for as many courses as possible without penalty or fear. 

I will make this clear again: this ask includes engineering courses as well and I have attached a letter from CEAB at the end as well as decisions from two engineering schools (UofT and Ryerson) that are allowing to take leniency on accreditation due to this unprecedented situation.  I fully understand that the CEAB wants to have all courses graded but it is my impression that they are allowing for leniency here and we wont have any issues.  There are some links from the three aforementioned institutions attached at the end please take a look if you have time).

This is asked so that we do not have our transcripts affected by a global pandemic as it is an important part of our future.  It is very hard to learn everything on one’s own even with some professors doing Zoom lectures most are not holding their office hours and regular teaching practices and some are in fact making assessments harder and more stressful.  We are not able to go to libraries to study (rightfully so due to social distancing) and it is hard to be productive at home for most under these circumstances. 

This petition was created by Hashir Jamil, and engineering student at Lassonde School Of Engineering.

Please read and sign we need your support to get through this.

APPENDIX: (specifically related to engineering updated on march 25th, 2020)

1) U of T engineering decision:

2) CEAB Letter To Deans Dated March 12th (it is disappointing that this letter was sent so long ago and no word given by York engineering administration)

3) Ryerson engineering decision