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Dear Yarra City Mayor Cr Misha Coleman,

Whether it’s a walking meditation through the twists and turns of the Labyrinth itself, making a wish at the wishing tree, or just enjoying the pleasant vibe of the space with a friend, the Merri Creek Labyrinth is an important part of many people’s physical, social and spiritual ecology. The Labyrinth rests on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nations.

This petition is to request that the local Yarra Council support and fund community efforts to:

1. Improve the sustainability of the Labyrinth; 
2. Construct and cultivate a native garden in the area surrounding the Merri Creek Labyrinth.

Now is the chance for its community to give something back to the Labyrinth and the space around it. Do you want to help make this space more beautiful, more ecologically healthy, and more sustainable?

The Labyrinth is on a slope, which means weather pools by its entrance and mud forms there. On very rainy days this can mean that its difficult to access the Labyrinth. This can be prevented through a range of simple measures but it will require a bit of work and a bit of money. 

Why a community native garden at the Labyrinth?

A community effort to design, create and cultivate a native garden will build community (which is especially important given how lonely many people are during COVID-19) and support a thriving ecosystem of birds, plants and other animals by the Merri Creek. 

Spending time in nature is important to our mental health and wellbeing and great for building community. Gardening and working in/with nature is even considered a form of therapy. 

How will this project be managed? 

Design and construction will be organised by a steering group from Friends of the Merri Creek Labyrinth. We’ll consult with traditional custodians, the Wurundjeri people, landscape designers, horticulturalists, urban ecologists, and others from across the community. If you’re keen to get involved in any capacity, please get in touch! 

We’ll aim to get as much of the community involved as we can through organising planting days and working bees. 

We want to build a garden that is aligned with the natural rhythms of the local landscape. It will be constructed to be as sustainable as possible, requiring little upkeep from the community. 

When do we hope it will begin?

In October of this year citizens in the City of Yarra will vote for their local city councillors. We want the issue of native trees and plants to be part of candidates’ commitments. Wouldn’t it be amazing if our city did more to support planting native trees that allow us to celebrate and support Australia’s unique biodiversity? 

If we’re able to secure funding, a collaborative community process will begin in November, with community planting days to be organised beginning in May/June 2021.

If you support this idea, please sign your name at the top right corner, email it to your neighbours, and share over Facebook.  We hope to collect 1,000 signatures before Sept 1st, 2020. 

* Please include postcode in sign-in process and also leave a comment or personal story so we can forward on to council how valuable this space is for the community...