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Stop the sale of dogs on your website

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It is a very disturbing fact that the renowned Indian company, Quikr is promoting the sale of animals - particularly puppies - on its website. A perusal of Quikr’s pages, with reference to “pets”, will reveal the most alarming trend: in close to 100 cities, across the length and breadth of India, a wide variety of pedigreed puppies, are offered on sale, many of them at “wholesale” or “discount” prices, as though they were second hand mobile phones or items of furniture; everything from small breeds like Pugs, Poodles and Pekinese to large breeds like Great Danes, Dobermans and English Mastiffs are available for quick business. One advertisement posted in Delhi, where summer temperatures soar to more than 45º C, will suffice to highlight the kind of cruelty involved in this racket. The ad reads: “HI....FRIENDS PET LOVER FULLY DISCOUNT FULLY SAINT BERNARD PUPS FOR SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE JALDI KARO JALDI KARO …” Another ad offers pups from “a government recognised breeding farm”, as if it were the Indian government’s business to promote inhumane commercial practices.

Please sign the petition asking Quikr to stop the sale of dogs on its website. This practice only serves to encourage unscrupulous breeders as well as a vast insensitive, unthinking public which aspires to keep foreign bred animals for mere prestige and has no qualms about abandoning them at shelters or throwing them onto the street when they tire of them or when the smallest problems arise in maintaining them. As it is, animal activists in India are facing insurmountable, heartbreaking problems in attempting to rescue and rehabilitate many thousands of homeless or abandoned dogs, a large number of which are pedigreed. Quikr must be commended for posting classifieds interceding for the adoption of Indian or desi pups, or abandoned pedigreed dogs, but unfortunately these are outnumbered many times over by the kind of crass commercial ads cited above which encourage and perpetuate abominable cruelty.

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