Remove the ban of persecution and cyber book burning by Amazon of "No Dress for Timmy"

Remove the ban of persecution and cyber book burning by Amazon of "No Dress for Timmy"

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Started by Anesia Baptiste



After just short of a week of having removed the initial ban of "No Dress for Timmy" by Shefflorn Ballantyne from Amazon, they have once again blocked the book from publishing and sales! The book, which had been published after an earlier victorious petition (see link here had, since its release, received the orange ribbon #1 Best seller rank in the Children's Christian Friendship Fiction category and #3 an #13 in 2 other categories respectively, and had which ranked 560 out of 7 million books in the entire Amazon bookstore, only 5 days since its release, had already earned over 250 copies of sales, having made significant traffic online. Author Shefflorn Ballantyne received the following correspondence from Amazon at about 4:25am TODAY Monday 28th January, 2019. He said he had gone to the link attempting to share it and noticed it couldn't be found. See the CYBER BOOK BURNING, PERSECUTING email decision below:

"From: <>
Sent: Monday, January 28, 2019 4:25 AM
Subject: Alert from Amazon KDP


We’re contacting you regarding the following books:

ASIN B07MZY8WQ9, "No Dress For Timmy"
ASIN 9769618314, "No Dress For Timmy"

During our review process, we found that the subject matter of your book is in violation of our content guidelines. Our content guidelines apply to the book interior, as well as cover image, title and/or product descriptions. As a result, we cannot offer this book for sale. If we identify additional submissions with similar content that violates our guidelines you may lose access to optional KDP services and/or face account level actions up to and including termination. You can find our content guidelines on the KDP website:

Best regards,

Amazon KDP"


Since when is the teaching of Christian Biblical Principles to children against practices and behaviors that God condemned offensive and a violation of content guidelines? This is saying that no Christian must teach their biblical principles to children via book and other material, therefore it amounts to the PERSECUTION of Christians for preaching Christianity to children. This BRAZEN and BOLD FACED FICKLE MINDEDNESS towards free expression in pursuit of COMMUNIST CENSORSHIP for a book that is harmless to children and adults and has NO psychological abuse, must be STOPPED as a literature publishing policy by AMAZON. This suggests that YOUR POLICY AMAZON, regarding sexuality, is not about making profits but it is about SOCIAL ENGINEERING

The ones who are committing the psychological abuse and bullying because they have the power to do so are those Cultural Marxists and Amazon itself in the face of the fact that the majority of the people want the book, want the material of the book, love the material of the book, show such delight for the material of the book and is happy about the material of the book, seeing no psychological abuse or bullying in its pages.

The fact that the book became a sensational best seller overnight shows that the people love the book and do not feel abused or bullied, except a certain group of people who feel gratified that they have such influence over an American company that is supposed to stand for religious liberty, freedom of expression, of speech, of information and of the press; the godless, Christian hating, Christianphobic,anti-first amendment right people often use disparaging terminologies they invent, like psychological abuse and bullying, and apply it to free Christian expression in an effort to cause officials of Amazon and other American companies to act like if they are arms of the old Soviet Union in freedoms-advocating United States of America.

This MUST STOP and the BAN must be PERMANENTLY LIFTED that the general WILL OF THE PEOPLE on ALL SIDES may have the proper ventilation of their teachings to the public, in a form of inclusiveness through the availability of different views. The United States of America is NOT only for unbiblical, sexual expressers, but also for morally upright expressers of Biblical sexual teachings. The threats of Amazon are INTIMIDATING, PERSECUTING, and BULLYING, because they have the advantage to do so and THIS MUST STOP! PERMANENTLY REMOVE THE BAN of this Christian book "No Dress for Timmy", that is completely harmless to everyone!

Br. Shefflorn Ballantyne is a minister of the Gospel of the Thusia Seventh day Adventist Church whose website can be found here 


2,268 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!