Remove the ban by Amazon of "No Dress for Timmy" by Shefflorn Ballantyne

Remove the ban by Amazon of "No Dress for Timmy" by Shefflorn Ballantyne

21 January 2019
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Started by Anesia Baptiste


On July 10th 2018, Amazon KDP announced to author Shefflorn Ballantyne that his book "No Dress for Timmy", which was on preorder for release on their platform, would no longer be released due to contravention of their guidelines. When Mr. Ballantyne sought clarity on reasons why his book was being banned, he was met with the following response: "As stated in our content guidelines, we reserve the right to determine what content we consider to be appropriate, including what we deem to be offensive. This includes both the cover art image and the content within the book. We’re unable to elaborate further on specific details regarding our content guidelines beyond what is available here:"


Our investigations show however that one facebook page called "Family Rhetoric by Amber Leventry" boasted on July 10th 2018 (same day Amazon announced to Ballantyne their decision) that they had got "victory" in getting Amaxon to remove "No Dress for Timmy" from its platform. This facebook page is known for celebrating all things LGBTQ...(See facebook <iframe src="" ).


No dress for Timmy is a story of a little boy who found himself in a perplexing situation where he was forced to choose between speaking the truth and cheering on a male friend who thinks of himself as a girl.  A 34 paged long and beautifully illustrated children's book, it shows how timidity changes to courage as Timmy takes a conscientious stand for which he paid dearly.  NO DRESS FOR TIMMY introduces Christian principles to children ages 4 to 9 years old, to preserve Biblical morality in children across the globe.


We find it outrageous, hypocritical, intolerant and bullying for Amazon to ban such a book simply because some find it offensive to their and others' opinions. They do not deem "10000 Dresses" to be offensive to Christian parents who are responsible for training boys to be boys. Imagine, they think the cover, portraying a normal boy thinking of a boy and a girl to be offensive? They determined that a boy asserting his right not to compliment something that is against his religious conscience to be offensive. They consider reference to the Bible verse Genesis 1: 27 in the content of the book to be offensive. They find Christianity offensive. They find TRUTH and ESTABLISHED SCIENCE to be offensive.

Amazon's policy here is anti-freedom of expression, anti-conscience and anti-religious liberty. For a platform that should act as a market place where ideas can freely flourish and persons can accept or reject content as they so wish, their reason given for refusing to release "No Dress for Timmy" is a disgraceful failure in advancing the quest for truth. If Amazon's policies are based on such trivial, subjective standards as "offensive" then they are indeed a gatekeeper against truth. And for that they should be thoroughly ashamed!

Aren't "10000 Dresses" and "I am Jazz offensive to Christians?" What about "Jacob's New Dress"? Those books teach a concept that exists within the general market place of ideas - that it is okay for a boy to think of himself as a girl. In the case of Jazz it is even worse, since his (It is a boy) mutilation to change organs is celebrated. Why is that insanity not deemed offensive by you, Amazon? We are all adults and are well capable of deciding if we like a book or not. If someone or a group of persons are offended by something Amazon sells, they can simply choose not to buy it and carry on with their lives! It is not the duty of Amazon to decide on that. Besides, it is hypocritical to facilitate freedom of expression of Transgenderism and LGBT propaganda to children in such books, but at the same time you deny freedom to publish a book that disagrees with such positions. Amazon must not engage in such tyranny and discrimination against Christians and their freedom of conscience and expression!

We deplore the Christian bashing and Christianphobia displayed by those who do not believe in Christianity. Friends, please sign and share this petition far and wide and help us call upon Amazon to stop its Christianphobia and to release "No Dress for Timmy" in the name of respect for and protection of freedoms of ALL! Thank you!


This petition made change with 188 supporters!

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