For the iconic westside and outrageous fortune house not to be demolished for 7 new homes

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It has come out in the  nz news that New Zealand's iconic house from the tv shows outrageous fortune and westside is being demolished for 7 new houses this house has been a tourism attraction for people who loved outrageous  fortune to take photos outside of it it didnt get money like a actual tourist attraction would but it was still cool for kiwis. This house has been loved by every outrageous fortune and westside fan in nz and I'm a very big fan of both shows so this means alot to me and we fans do not want it torn down so if you guys want it to still be here in west auckland and to be able to take a photo outside of it then please sign this petition would mean alot to us fans of the 2 shows. If we win this we will have the iconic house for many more years for people to still be able to  take photos outside it and for people to say that they have stood outside this iconic house.