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My name is Jigyasa Sharma, a student of Delhi University. Today just as usual I was scrolling through the internet and I came across a very horrifying video which has shocked me to the core and made me start this petition.

The utter disregard for lives, for a mother from another species. A heavily pregnant horse was forced to pull the cart till the very last minute of delivery! So much that the helpless mother had to give birth on the street. It's difficult to even imagine the pain she went through! And to my utter shock, the owner of the horse knew that she was expecting a baby foal any day. He claimed that he and his family's livelihood depended on the animals and could not afford a day off.


Animals have nothing to give but just love. But we as humans have failed to reciprocate the same. We have found numerous ways to exploit animals ,they are also made to suffer in terrible ways. They are captured, or they are farmed in uncomfortable and stressful conditions, being forced to live lives of full of fear, pain, and boredom,  but I think usage of animals carriage for transportation of goods has topped the list. Their roles are like those of human slaves. In addition, they are often used as mere tools, as when they are used as weapons or for other military purposes. A lot of people around the globe have been exploiting animals for years without even caring about them, all they care about is their greed for money.

Often the punishment is not in the proportion to the crime. it is upto us to lend our voices to the voiceless. Hopefully, the inhuman behavior of the owner will be convicted and punished for his horrifying act.

Exploitation of animals is a serious cause of concern and I want the concerned authorities to look into this matter closely. Signing and sharing this petition is the least we can do from our part to try to provide a life these animals deserve.