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Stop Producing and Selling Firecrackers and Save Environment and Health

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Do not think it is not our responsibility. It is ours, theirs and everyone’s duty to take care of the environment, fellow humans and other living beings. You may wonder why and how.

Read the following to know some of the dangerous and harmful impacts and the other disadvantages created by these so called fun-filled firecrackers. Hope it inspires you to stop using them deliberately in the name of fun and joy and protect the mother earth and her children from danger and destruction.



1. Air pollution


Firecrackers when burnt release a large amount of very tiny toxic particles usually called the suspended particulate matter that can easily enter our lungs and damage the respiratory system. The smoke from firecrackers contain sulfur compounds, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals and harmful fumes of gases such as sulfur dioxide, ozone etc,. People with asthma, multiple chemical sensitivity and other breathing problems suffer largely due to the toxic emissions from these fireworks.


2. Noise pollution


Nowadays people go gaga over double powerful sound producing firecrackers without the knowledge of the harm and serious damage that t could cause to their fellow human beings. Firecrackers produce very high level of sound and the vibrations can travel over a long distance. These are sometimes over 140 decibels! A human ear can bear a maximum of 85 decibels. Sounds above this limit create disability in hearing and causes permanent damage to the ears.


3. Non-Biodegradable


Some of the firecrackers are made out of materials that are partially biodegradable and rest is non-biodegradable. The shells and outer covers are usually made of plastics that are non-biodegradable. These materials do not decay and slowly contaminate the soil. The land thus becomes useless as it gets dumped with such particles which can not be broken down by natural processes. These pose a serious threat to the fertility of the soil. The chemicals and other metallic substances used in these fireworks also seep through the soil and create permanent damage and contamination of the soil.



4. Fire Accidents


The image that comes to anybody’s mind on hearing the word firecrackers is usually “fire.” Burning firecrackers without proper care and precaution could lead to lot of fire accidents, burns and injuries. Sometimes the rockets (firework) may not be launched properly and could end up burning down a hut near by. People might even step on a firework by mistake and face horrible injuries later. Many fire accidents and deaths have been noted due to such careless handling of fireworks during festivals and carnivals.

5. Public Pain


Infants, elders and the sick require peace and serenity. They are generally weak hearted and can not bear sudden shock or trauma. Their lungs and nostrils too are very tender. Smoke and other gases produced while burning firecrackers could suffocate them to death! Many elderly and sick people suffer strokes and heart attack due to the noise created by these fireworks. Some may even die due to huge shock! Babies too find it too scary just like the innocent animals and birds. Firecrackers are terrible public nuisance especially to the sick, infants and senior citizens.

6. Child Labor


You may wonder what burning firecrackers have got to do with child labor. Actually they do have a connection. Most of the firework industries employ children for the production of firecrackers over a large scale even though it is illegal and inhuman. It is a very hazardous task and is very dangerous to the worker’s life. They employ underage kids as they offer really cheap labor. Children who can not afford for education and other fundamental amenities are forced to work under such callous conditions. Such children could be saved and could be provided with education and better lifestyle if the money wasted on burning those firecrackers is usefully spent for their welfare

7. “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink”


We live in a world where drinking water has become a very precious commodity and it needs to be saved very vigorously. Sometimes, the public fireworks displays are done across lakes and other water bodies to prevent fire accidents. Although they help reduce fire accidents, they create another huge problem on the other side! Fireworks contain perchlorate particles in their composition. Recent studies and researches have proved that these perchlorate particles mix with water and causes contamination in the water bodies. These particles can also penetrate through the soil and contaminate the ground water too and make them unfit to consume!


8. What about the other living beings?


The sparkles, powerful sounds, flashy lights and colors from fireworks might excite a human mind. What about the rest of the living beings? Are we the only one’s living in this world? No! There are many tiny beautiful creatures and other living beings that share this wonderful planet and they need some privacy and peace too. Most of the animals and birds get scared and they panic as they do not know what exactly is happening around them. It is not joy but shock that fills their innocent minds. When they hear such booming noise from those crackers they tremble with fear and run helter-skelter! People hardly consider them and their hearts before bursting those noisy crackers.

9. Greenhouse Gasses


Most of the firecrackers when burnt give out excess smoke. These contain tiny metallic particles. When burnt on the streets and roads, it produces smog that is so dense and foggy. People walking or driving on the roads can not see who is coming in the opposite direction and leads to lack of proper visiblity of the traffic on the roads, which leads to accidents.



You may be having a great time celebrating and enjoying, bursting those boisterous fireworks. But it need not be the same for the others around you! What about your neighbors? They may wish to take a nap after a long day and it could be perturbed by your super powerful fireworks. Everybody needs to sleep! It is their fundamental right and you have no privilege to grab it from them 

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