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World Health Organization: Please review the definition of health and include the spiritual dimension

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The current definition of health by WHO includes physical, mental and social dimensions of health. But even a cursory look at the current state of the world reveals that social health is conspicuous by its absence. There is severe unrest in almost every country. Crime rate is increasing in most places. There is steady increase in alcohol abuse, drug abuse, human trafficking, child abuse (physical, psychological and sexual), terrorism, rampant corruption and breakdown of families.

All the advances in science and technology have not helped people to enjoy peace of mind and happiness. The reason is the neglect of spiritual development.

Leading psychiatrists while trying to manage problems like anxiety, depression and phobias have realized that man is not just a combination of body and mind but has a soul as well which survives the death of the body. Specialists in other fields and many eminent scientists including a few Nobel Prize winners have also realized that man has a spiritual dimension as well. They have arrived at this conclusion after extensive research for more than one hundred years.

Phenomena like Near Death Experience, Death Bed Visions, After-death Communication, Out of Body Experience, Instrumental Transcommunication, Poltergeist activity, Mediumship, Xenoglossy, Spontaneous recollection of past lives and Past Life Regression have been thoroughly investigated by reputed scientists  and provide irrefutable evidence for the existence of soul.

Extensive research using past life regression has revealed that many health related problems have their roots in our previous lives. Reincarnation is not a myth but a fact.

Physical health cannot be maintained without taking care of psychological health and psychological health cannot be protected without tackling spiritual ignorance. Needless to say psychological disturbances lead to social problems. It is high time we start spiritualizing medical education and medical practice.

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Humanity has paid a heavy price for neglecting spiritual development. Another equally serious threat to world peace is religious fundamentalism. By promoting scientific spirituality we can counter both the threats.

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