Protect Humanity, force China To Ban their All Wet Market & merciless killing of Animals

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Today It is COVID-19, earlier it was SARS and before that It was MERS and in future, It may be something else. We all need to step up and force China and the world to stop Merciless killing of animals. Its time for Humanity to understand that they are not alone on this planet Earth and sharing this planet with other species.
Viruses like these are just warnings and in future it may be more lethal if we don't stop here and Introspect.
I don't want to add more to what to eat and what not to eat because the Internet is already filled with endless videos supporting the Vegan and Vegetarian Diet. It is also iterated many times that producing meat for consumption at large scale, do more harm to the environment than any good.  We are already seeing the Global warming effect and already know how lethal it can be for humanity if we don't take radical steps here to stop it. Many world leaders already pointed out the current steps taken towards stopping it are not going to help and we have to take radical measures if we as humans want to survive on this planet.
Proposed Solutions {All Suggestion are welcomed and this is what I am proposing} :
Let's talk about Hindu culture (which is a way of living and not related to any religion), as we know many practices which were being followed from thousands of year in Hindu culture, are getting adopted during these tough time of the global pandemic, then why can't we as the whole world, try to understand all other practises followed in there. Hindu culture tells us the way of living in conjunction with nature by respecting it and tells us how to nurture along with it, Why can’t we give it a shot. Hindu culture seems to be the oldest culture that survived the race and seems to be the winner of the “Survival of the fittest”. In this culture, every organism is treated competently and leads us to the way of becoming the best of ourselves. so I request world leaders and all people on this small planet which we call our home to try Hindu culture practice and see its magical Impact. In the last, I want to welcome all the suggestions from the people that they want the world to listen to as I mentioned mine. Let us start a debate for a safer future for ourselves as well as for our generations to come about how we can take radical steps to help our mother Earth recover and also we don't have to face viruses and threats like this again.