We must stop Kim Jong-Un from killing North Korean Pet Dogs for Meat, Right Now.

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The world's most irresponsible monarch has issued a nationwide order to confiscate all pet dogs and kill them for meat. This needs to stop, unless we want the human race to die out completely.

Effectively this move is aimed at ending pet dog ownership completely in North Korea, in resonance with the controversial leader's policy of trying to ban pet ownership for a very long time. In Kim's opinion, pet ownership is a symbol of capitalism. And given the sad fact that dog meat is already considered a delicacy on North Korea, and the lack of any democratic sensibility in the country, the order is likely to result in death of millions of pet dogs, if not more.

Pet parents in North Korea are shellshocked without any clue about how to respond or react to such a terrifying predicament for their little ones. While we as a planet must unite and pray to avert such a disaster, it is also important to remind Kim and the North Korean administration about the general pitfalls of such a massive crime against nature.