Poaching innocent seals for money and textiles should be stopped.

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Historically people in the UK, Scotland and many other countries hunted seals for meat, oil and fur. As the price of seals rose so did the levels of exploitation. Various campaigns and awareness programs later and still the poachers and the hunters roam free killing innocent baby seals for their own interests. But can we blame them when the customers won't back off from their useless wants and needs. We too are to be blamed for encouraging these deeds. Hundreds of Grey seals and other varieties of seals are routinely shot by netsmen as they intercept wild salmon migrating to the rivers where they breed. Many fish farmers attempt to save money by continuing to shoot large numbers of seals instead of installing and maintaining appropriate anti-predator nets. These actions have lead to the culling of seals to a large number. So help me sign this petition to protect the seals and stop endangering thie species any further. They too have the rights to live life and we must take that from them. We must not encourage any products obtained from seals. Fisheries must use proper nets that doesn't endanger their lives. Seals are very friendly and like to live in their own packs. They don't deserve this from us. We must let them live freely and provide them proper protection.