Woolworths - put a stop to plastic toy promotions

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Woolworths are at it again - promoting plastic toys that are unnecessary.

These toys, whilst may provide joy for children for a very short period of time will be soon forgotten by most children and therefore end up in landfill.

These toys cannot be recycled and are just adding to the amounting plastic waste we have in our world.

Many parents will try to say no to these but when you need to shop to buy food and often have your children with you, it is very difficulty to refuse.

Woolworths need to be a better influence and stop this unnecessary consumerism and plastic waste.

We had a petition last year to Coles about exactly the same issue but with the Coles Minis collection.

This is exactly the same issue and these supermarkets need to be held accountable for the plastic waste they are willingly putting out there for their profits.

We need to stop this - our children who are collecting these toys will be the ones dealing with them as they still float around in landfill or waterways.