Woolworths:: No more Ooshies!

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It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

We have all seen the devastating impacts that plastic pollution has on the environment, wildlife, and our own health. Many companies are leading by example and investing in renewable, recycled or sustainable products and practices that reduce or eliminate virgin plastic.

Unfortunately, Woolworths is not one of these companies. They have repeatedly ignored mass public pleas for plastic-free produce, and released numerous ranges of useless plastic paraphernalia. Woolworths are currently promoting and releasing their latest range of "Disney Ooshies", which are being given out for free to hundreds of thousands of customers. Most will eventually end up in landfill, rivers, lakes and oceans, where they will threaten the health and safety of wildlife.

We are urging Woolworths to stop producing and releasing unsustainable products as giveaway incentives. We implore them to instead become global leaders in sustainability and environmentally-conscious products, by investing in and selling/giving away products that benefit both the environment and the community. No more single-use plastics, no more ooshies.