Preserve Our Heritage Precinct Wollongong

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We the undersigned have an interest in the future of Wollongong, particularly the built environment:

This proposed building, the subject of the DA 2019/1008, is located in the highly prized heritage precinct around Wollongong Harbour/Belmore Basin, Old Court House, Market Square, St Mary’s College, and Illawarra Museum. 

The proposed development, with its bulk, scale, appearance, and height of 24 meters, as you look south from Flagstaff Hill and Brighton Lawn or north from Market square, will be regarded as a blight within this highly prized heritage precinct.

A height restriction of 16 metres through this recognised corridor ensures the visual amenity is in keeping with the Heritage Precinct as described by both the Council’s Development Control Plans, and the State Government’s Harbour Master Plans.


Harbour Street East is part of the Heritage Trail Walks and it is essential that its character as low-rise, tree-lined and set back from the road is maintained.

Wollongong is now an international city, and tourism is a growing and valuable industry. The proposed development height of 24 metres (eight storeys for only 6 units) will detract from the enjoyment of this Heritage Precinct both for visitors, and the many residents in and near Wollongong who use and frequent these areas.

The integrity of this most important and historical precinct in Wollongong must be preserved.

Approval for a three-storey development, no more than 16 metres, should now be considered by Council.