Object to Planning Permit application 90/2018/A

Object to Planning Permit application 90/2018/A

4 May 2020
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Started by Peter Drake

Stop Planning Permit application 90/2018/A Wodonga Coucil 

A NOTICE OF AN APPLICATION FOR PLANNING PERMIT 90/2018/A for the Use and Development of the land for a Materials Recycling Facility located at 96 Whytes Road, Bandiana has been made to remove certain restrictions that  limit  numbers and access times.  In affect changes mean that in affect there will no limit on the number of heavy vehicle allowed.   The amended plans remove limitation on stockpiles, containers  and compliance with the EPA’s Management and Storage of Combustible Recyclable and Waste Materials (CRWM) Guideline https://www.epa.vic.gov.au/about-epa/publications/1667-2

The proposed alteration brings no social or financial benefit to the area but it will impact the environment and livabilty of the area.  It will affect the safety of local residents, especially children and wildlife.    The proposal with have an increased environmental impact to indigenous flora and fauna with noise being a major disruption to many native species breeding.  There is also obvously the polution that the facility and increased traffic will create. 

Little consultation has taken place with the closing date for objections of 12 May 2020 so there is little time to lodge an objection.


The planning application can be viewed at:
Planning Permit Application 90/2018/A

Objection form download from :
Object to planning permit application


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Signatures: 473Next goal: 500
Support now

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