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"Witnesses Not Accomplices" - STOP VIOLENCE TO CHILDREN

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    On 20th November 1989 the Convention on the Rights of the Child was approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations.
Ratified by 196 States, it is today the Convention with the greatest number of endorsements.

All the States are committed to recognise the children’ rights to be able to have their opinions heard and to be protected from discrimination, the right to life, survival and healthy development, the right to a name and an identity, along with all those rights which make, or should make, our world civil.

Article 43 of the Convention established the Committee on the Rights of the Child, responsible to monitor progress made in the protection of childhood in those States that have ratified the Convention.
The Committee is composed of eighteen experts of high moral standing and recognised competence, elected by the Assembly of the United Nations by secret ballot.

The Committee is the highest world authority in the field of the Rights of the Child.

On 2nd October 2015 the UN Committee published its periodic report on the state of children’s rights in Brazil.
In the document, we read that the Committee is seriously concerned about violence employed by the Brazilian police towards street children and the children who live in the favelas.

The Committee reports a large number of summary executions of children by the military and civilian police.
Tortures and disappearance of children are reported during military operations and by the security forces, particularly in the favelas.

The Deputy Chairman of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, Renate Winter, declared that the violence towards the street children was concentrated in Rio de Janeiro, where a real cleansing operation is underway for the upcoming Olympic Games.

In fact, the 31st edition of the Olympics will take place from 5th to 21st August and to be able to present a problem-free city the street children are disappearing or killed by the police.
The Olympics are a symbol of universality and brotherhood, an opportunity to promote the values of solidarity and of cooperation among peoples.
We cannot pretend that these are normal Olympic Games, we cannot remain in silence.

We will be neither accomplices, nor silent witnesses to these atrocities.
The Olympics, with paying spectators, television rights, commercial initiatives, building permissions, infrastructures , turn over tens of billions of dollars.
We address to the General Secretary of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, in order that he act as guarantor for the success of the project – Witnesses not Accomplices – proposingthat 3% of every commercial transaction, for these games, is intended to be used for the meninos de rua, via the numerous associations that deal with the street children.

If we are unable to achieve this objective by 31st July, we will ask our athletes, our sporting organisations, those in government, to boycott the Olympics and we commit ourselves not to participate and not to be spectators of an unacceptable hypocrisy.

We have conceived a three-point programme.
1. Sign the petition and share it with your friends, but don’t stop today, you must keep going until 31st July.
2. Contact journalists, athletes, politicians, famous personalities so that they become, with you, testimonials of this project.
Send us a video or publish it yourself and send us the link, where the personality you have involved declares his/her participation in the “witnesses not accomplices” campaign.
3. Become an activist of this campaign.
Subscribe to this channel and our social networks and tell us about what you are doing.
If you are not a part of the problem, become the solution.

I will be a witness, not an accomplice.


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