Allow small Wisconsin brewers to make home deliveries

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Our number one priority during the Covid-19 pandemic is the health and well-being of our society.  At the same time, we must do all we can to give small businesses the tools they need to stay afloat.  Failure to do so will only worsen the economic toll this will take on each and every one of us. 

In August 2019, Wisconsin State Reps. Tauchen, Duchow, Jagler, and Kurtz introduced Assembly Bill 363, which would allow small breweries to take orders online or over the phone, and enable them to deliver directly to the consumer.  In a time when brewery taprooms are unable to operate, we must grant these small businesses the flexibility to deliver their products direct to the homes of their patrons.  This will give breweries an additional revenue stream when it is desperately needed, as well as minimize person-to-person contact, which is critical for public health and safety.  

The legislation is already written.  The time is now to get it passed.  Text of the bill can be found here: