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Petitioning Wisconsin State House and 2 others

Justice for my pregnant daughter who was viciously murdered and raped. Please, support Assembly Bill 780/Senate Bill 637 to eliminate voluntary intoxication to be used as a criminal defense.


Our family would like to thank you for your out pouring of support and update you on the news we received this week.

We have been fighting for justice for our daughter, Alisha and unborn granddaughter, Ava Lucille who were brutally murdered on August 19, 2012 in Door County Wisconsin. Brian Cooper, the criminal that viciously took the life of my daughter and granddaughter was protected by the Wisconsin statute 939.42, which allows voluntary intoxication to be used as a defense for murder.  We could not bring our precious Alisha and Ava back, so we put our time, energy and love for them into starting an initiative to change the law on voluntary intoxication.

Our last petition, in support of Assembly Bill 780 produced 6770 signatures in less than 48 hours. After emotional testimony on February 27, 2014, by family and friends deeply affected by the loss of Alisha and Ava the Judiciary Committee PASSED THE BILL AB 780 by a vote of 9-0. A full assembly vote on this bill is on March 18th. The Senate version of this bill is SB 637 and we will be traveling to Wisconsin next week for a public hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“The energy from the public hearing in the Assembly has ignited movement in the State Senate.”

“The testimony by family is forcing legislators to confront the realty of this flawed law”.

Brian Cooper, the man who brutally murdered my daughter and unborn granddaughter was tried in June of 2013 (case number 2012 CF 000109) and found guilty of sexual assault, but after deliberation the jury was unable to make a unanimous decision on the two counts of murder. It resulted in a hung jury and Brian Cooper will be retried May 5, 2014. Our family must be once again tortured by hearing graphic horrific testimony and seeing photos of Alisha’s lifeless body. It is unbearable and all because this criminal was protected by the Wisconsin statute 939.42, which allows voluntary intoxication to be used as a defense for murder. 

WE have passed through many hurdles and now need your help more than ever. Although, Alisha’s voice was silenced, I need you to communicate for my daughter and ask you to SIGN this NEW PETITION that will go directly to the Representatives, Senators, and the Governor. TELL THEM in PERSONAL E-MAILS as well that this law must be changed to bring justice to my daughter and protect other victims of such crimes. Please do not fail her and others who have suffered at the hands of those that claim intoxication as a defense. Brian Cooper and others who use intoxication as a defense, must be held accountable for their crimes and be sentenced accordingly.

Please sign this petition and write personal letters to the decision makers. I promised my daughter at her funeral that I would not stop fighting for justice. I will never give up and I ask you to support me in this fight for all victims of such crimes. Together we can help change laws that allow criminals to escape justice. I cannot do this alone, please lend me your voices and sign the petition.


Sherry Bromfield Anicich

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