End Your Support of Terrible Battery Cage Farms!

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I used to be proud to shop at Boise’s own grocery chain: WinCo Foods, because it felt good to support a business that started in my home town. But recently I learned that the vast majority of the eggs WinCo sells come from farms where hens are confined in tiny, filthy cages. While other grocers are moving away from this practice, WinCo is not. The retailer has failed to produce a commitment to completely eliminate cages in its supply chain.

The practice of caging egg-laying hens is so cruel that it is criminalized in countries all over the world and in several U.S. states. Under this system, hens are forced to suffer in cages for the entirety of their short lives. They can hardly move; they can’t even spread a wing, and they are often forced to stand on their dead cagemates.

Nearly all of WinCo’s competition--including Kroger, Costco, Walmart, and Albertsons-- have already made commitments to completely move away from cruel cages. Not only retailers, but the top restaurant chains, food manufacturers, and hospitality companies are all phasing out cages from their supply chains. Even the top egg producers have stated they are moving away from cages and that cage-free is the future.

Please sign my petition urging WinCo to end its support of farms that cage egg-laying hens.

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