To raise attention & receive justice for the killing/police brutality of RJ Williams.

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On May 6, 2016, Weirton, West Virginia police officers killed Ronald Williams Jr. "RJ" after a 911 call was made to the residence. An officer was dispatched to the residence where RJ was at approximately 2:57 AM and encountered RJ in front of the home. Within ONE minute of exchange, two more officers had arrived to the scene and at 2:58 AM one of the officers (of the two), furthest from the scene fired four shots at RJ, one fatal, striking him in the back of the head. The officer on the scene stated that he was shot laterally (ear to ear) when he had in fact been shot from the behind, which was proven through a second autopsy requested by the family.

While it is enough for an officer to fire a weapon at an individual who is turned away from them, there are several inconsistencies within the police report, autopsy report and timeline of preceding events before and after the 911 phone calls. The police department failed to provide and are concealing surveillance of the night, to the family and attorney, while continuing to display the narrative of this incident by stating it was "suicide by cop".The narrative proposed by officers citing "suicide by cop" is inconsistent with the character of Mr. Williams who had no prior history or indications of mental illness. Additionally, there were no body cams or car surveillance to confirm the events that occurred, leaving unanswered questions and loose ends. The Weirton PD failed to speak to the family of RJ, and the lead investigator "went on vacation" two days after the killing, leaving unanswered questions. Finally, and perhaps most disturbing, the prosecutor on RJ's case lives in the same neighborhood as the family of the only "credible" witness on the case. The witness had a prior relationship with RJ, sharing a new born baby boy, and was one of the only statements that was obtained, making up the majority of evidence that was in the case. It is clear that the police failed to throughly investigate this case, by refusing to cooperate and blantly ignoring the family of Mr. Williams, and based the predominance of the case off of a biased witness.

Ronald Williams was a twenty-three-year-old father of his four-month-old newborn baby boy. He worked with children and came from a large family. He was loving, charismatic, and happy to be a new father. Join us as we seek Justice for RJ.