Remove the need of webcams during online examinations at Laurier

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In the midst of this global pandemic, Wilfrid Laurier University has done a horrible job accommodating their students. Students are being forced to use webcams and give up their privacy when writing exams. Some professors have even gone as far as having students show the inside of their drawers when doing the environmental scan prior to the examination. These strict conditions are only harming the academic success of students. Students are not able to focus on the task at hand, but instead worry about being accused of academic misconduct if they stretch, read the questions out loud, or even look away from the screen for a couple of seconds during the examination. If we are allowed to do these things in an exam room, why can't we do them online? Laurier has truly shown that they do not care about their students. Large and reputable universities have accommodated their students by providing take home or open book exams. It is astonishing that the school that placed first in student satisfaction three years in a row would do this, no wonder Laurier has dropped to fifth in the rankings. Students are worried more about being accused of academic misconduct then their actual examination. It is time for Laurier to follow other universities and remove the need of webcams.