6 July 2021
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Why this petition matters

Hey there,
Do you remember the time we were unable to go out, the 1st year of the pandemic?
Trapped in our own houses
Scared for our lives and the lives of everyone we cared about but lived far away from us?
How that confinement started suffocating you and after a while that urge you had to just leave your house and go out?

How do you think the wild animals locked up in tiny cages of a zoo feel, cramped, lonely and far from their natural home?
Denied everything that gives their lives meaning, opportunities to run and fly freely, roam over long distances, climb, choose a mate, and be with their own kind.

They’re kidnapped from the nature and forced to live in captivity for the entertainment of humans while, served with the food insufficient for their survival, their livelihood, forced to be weak, unhealthy and lazy.
Cage restraints, human presence, unfamiliar environment, the psychological trauma, depression, frustration, hunger, unnatural temperatures, not being able to live as they wish, animals in zoos go through these feelings, all day, everyday, repetitively.

As humans, we felt constricted even though we were trapped in the 4 walls of our houses, for our own safety, wild animals deserve their natural territory too.

Wildlife is amazing and mesmerizing, for children, that appreciation for nature should begin as early as possible, to respect and learn about our natural surroundings and the beings we share it with.
We believe wild animals from zoos should gradually be given way to going in their natural territories such as Wildlife Sanctuaries, National Parks, Reserve Forests.
We request the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) to take this primary cause of wild animals caged in zoos across India by gradual shifting of wild animals to natural forest territories and be the Protector of Wild Animals in true sense.

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Signatures: 267Next Goal: 500
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