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I am beginning a petition against trapping wildlife of any kind, as well as Trophy Hunting of America's beautiful wildlife. The picture of a truck load of murdered wolves is as deplorable as a truck load of murdered dogs... Regardless of how they were killed, wolves are an endangered species, and have a family instinct and mentality. They are just the wild version of our domesticated dogs. Any men (or people) who go out & kill this many wolves in ONE HUNTING TRIP ESPECIALLY, then sit back smiling as if it's commendable, should be charged with a felony for every wolf killed. They have forever changed a family of intelligent canine wildlife! Trapping is the worst, slow, agonizing death for any animal, as they have no defense against it and it takes days, weeks to die in agonizing pain. How cruel can men's minds continue to grow? We are not in caveman era. Who eats wolfmeat? I've never known of anyone. It's equivalent to eating dogs. Wolves are some of the most beautiful majestic animals in the world and are highly intelligent. They are here for a purpose, by God. This petition is to ban trapping and killing of any extinct wildlife, and wolves, cousin to the dog, and to make it a felony to commit such a heinous crime. If every man who loves to trap would have to go through an initiation of it being done to them first, without any possible way of escaping or helping themselves, and screaming at the top of their lungs for help out in the wild, preferably in snow and sub-zero temps - but no help arrives....and the only escape is chewing off their limb, then make this initiation mandatory, and if they survive, they can consider themselves man enough to belong in this world, and go home. NO ANIMAL SHOULD BE TRAPPED, NEVER, EVER. IT'S SOCIOPATHIC FOR MEN TO THINK IT'S OK. IT'S ANIMAL CRUELTY IN THE 1ST DEGREE. IT NEEDS TO BECOME A 1ST DEGREE FELONY. WILDLIFE ANIMAL CRUELTY IS ANIMAL CRUELTY. MAN STOLE THE WOLVES NATURAL HABITAT. WE DROVE THEM AND OTHER WILDLIFE OUT OF THEIR TERRITORY. THEN MAN THINKS THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO ENCROACH ON THEM AND TRAP AND KILL THEM?? PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO END WILDLIFE TRAPPING!!! TRAPPING IS SICK, IT'S UNETHICAL, IT'S CRUEL, AND IS AN ABOMINATION, AND ACTUALLY PROVES THAT MAN IS DERANGED BY EVEN BELIEVING THAT IT'S NATURAL OR FUN, OR SPORTSMAN-LIKE. THERE IS NOTHING COOL OR ADMIRABLE ABOUT TRAPPING WOLVES, BEARS, FOX, OR ANY ANIMAL THAT DEPENDS ON ITS OWN INSTINCTS AND GOD-GIVEN INTELLIGENCE FOR SURVIVAL. WHEN HUMANS TRAP AN ANIMAL, AND DON'T SHOW UP FOR DAYS, WEEKS - TO SEE IF THE ANIMAL IS SUFFERING, THAT'S UNGODLY, SHAMEFUL, INTOLERABLE, AND AGAINST EVERYTHING MORAL AND DECENT. BAN WILDLIFE TRAPPING NOW. BAN WOLF HUNTING NOW. BAN WILDLIFE CRUELTY NOW. Thank you for caring by signing this long-overdue petition. Right now, there is an animal caught in a steel trap, likely in the freezing cold and snow, that was minding its own business wandering its natural habitat trying to survive, yet is slowly suffering and dying in severe, unbearable pain, with no hope for escape, and it will suffer for days or weeks before succumbing to the relief of death.... let's together start protecting the beautiful wildlife God put here like he put us here. We can co-exist. Just stop running wildlife out of their secluded natural habitat. God gave us all, humans and animals alike, the beautiful Earth, big enough to share and respect each other. Trapping.....there's nothing manly, cool, or admirable about it. PLEASE BAN TRAPPING. MAKE A BILL TO BECOME LAW TO MAKE IT A FELONIOUS CRIMINAL ACT OF CRUELTY TO ANOTHER LIVING CREATURE, GOD'S ANIMAL KINGDOM. THANK YOU!! Valerie Bayless Everything trying to survive, deserves a fair chance. Trapping is the opposite of fair, and is sickening.

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