Save the Kashmiri Hangul

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Hangul - The Pride of Kashmir

The Kashmir stag found in the Dachigam national park where it should receive protection but instead as per their census report  from year 2004 to 2019 there is alarming decrease in Hangul population i.e. currently there are 15 males for 100 females and 9 fawns for females which puts them in critically endangered category. According to press report Hangul population was dwindled to as low as 150 animals by 1970. However the state government along with IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) prepared a project for the protection of these animals. It became known as Project Hangul. This brought great results and the population increased to over 340 by 1980. If they were able to increase Hangul population in 1980 why is it difficult now to do the same? 

Why isn't there any increase in Hangul population if with time we have already surpassed the earlier ones in knowledge and technology

What happened to Hangul Project?
Does Wildlife department have done nothing all
this time?