Bereavement Suite for Hervey Bay Hospital Maternity Ward.

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I'm starting this petition in the hope that a suite for families that go through the tragedy of pregnancy loss or neonatal death can be made in Hervey Bay Hospital. 

In June 2019, we sadly lost our daughter at 38 weeks pregnant, when I went in to have her, we had to stay in a small hospital type room, a very clinical environment. I have seen several hospitals have really pretty rooms for these families to be able to stay for days to make precious memories with their children who have passed away. A nicely painted room, with a double bed for mum and dad to sleep in, a lounge, fridge, microwave..all the things needed so they do not have to endure the pain of seeing other women and babies when they just had their world shattered. Some nice needs to be like a home � not a hospital.