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Wicked Campers, a campervan hire company, is promoting the killing of kangaroos by having stickers in their vans that read "Kangaroo's, run the f---ers down". According to the chief executive of Wicked Campers, the message of the sticker is to drive straight ahead if a kangaroo appears on the road, and not to swerve.

Please ask the company to remove these stickers from all Wicked Campers vans.


Photo credit: Boycott Wicked Campers - Promoting Cruelty to Australian Wildlife


Letter to
Wicked Campers J. Black
Wicked Campers
Wicked Campers Australia
I was appalled to learn that Wicked Campers vans have stickers that promote cruelty towards animals. The slogan, "Kangaroo's, run the f---ers down", is not interpreted as a safety message, but is openly encouraging actively running down kangaroos.

The intention to raise awareness for road safety is commendable, however these stickers fail to get the message across. There are other intelligent ways to educate and promote road safety.

Stickers and slogans, like any other form of advertisement, are a very pervasive and powerful force when it comes to shaping attitudes and behaviour. Slogans can have a very profound impact on impressionable minds. A factor that has contributed to an increase in cases of animal abuse is the acceptance of violence towards animals in our society. How animals are depicted in media sources greatly affects what society finds acceptable or not. Such a slogan constructs a very negative image and does damage to the perception of how humans should treat animals. It is irresponsible of your company to keep these stickers.

The slogan is generating very bad publicity for your company, especially since Wicked Campers has been trying to clean up the company's image after having been under fire due to previous offensive slogans. It also contradicts Mr Webb's statement, given last summer to The Cairns Post, namely that no f-words would be allowed in company slogans. Finally, kangaroos are important to the Australian culture and national image. These stickers are offensive to anyone who takes pride in Australia's national symbol and to anyone who cares about animals.

Please remove these stickers from your vans and replace them with explicit warnings of taking precautions in regards to road safety. Also, please withdraw from depicting any form of animal cruelty in future ads or stickers.


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