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Terminate the Finebros YouTube channels

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Filing false DMCA'S is a federal crime, they filed over 12 on the OCUBOX YouTube account, which meant four sanctions in 4 days and the termination of the YouTube account.

We need to get Ocubox back and YouTube is not helping very much. It's been over 14 Business days after the counter-claims were sent to YouTube, by law the account and videos should have been restored, they have not.

Thus YouTube is now breaking the law, not adhering to the policies of the DMCA.


Update - 

OCUBOX was re-instated on the 5th of September 2012, however since the account had four false copyright strikes/sanctions, the first set of videos (5) are still to be restored since the account still had 3 strikes at the time they were processed. 

Plus I had to file another counter-claim as the last video thefinebros removed terminated OCUBOX, thus was unable to send the form. 

They have really hurt our channel, but we will not give up, and they MUST be punished for their immoral and illegal activities. 

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