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My husband of 30 years died of Appendix ADENOCARCINOMA cancer in 2012, I have  to date, submitted 15 complete hardship modification packets and Wells Fargo refuses to work with me I have all the documentation to prove that they are nothing but a bunch of liars and thieves ! The mod was NEVER GOING TO GO THROUGH DUE TO EMC’s so called restriction that I BELIEVE MEANT OUR LOAN COULD'VE BEEN MODIFIED

So why continue to allow me to waste what little bit of PRECIOUS energy I DID have

I’m compiling and completing these 15 completed hardship packets OVER THE YEARS  Fighting my ass off for our chronically sick children - I’m f ighting my ass off for my children and for my husband as I made a promise to him TO FIGHT THE EVIL ROTTEN LYING BASTARDS  I sayto you  today that   What they’ve done to my family and many others there’s a word for that it is  called fraud that’s predatory practice-  dirty hands that’s an estoppel,  that’s violations of Tila the real estate law violators,  civil n constitutional right violations , OCC, FTC, cfpb Yet no one’s  enforcing it - just allowing the banks to steal homes and it needs to STOP. 

Yet no one’s enforcing shit - just allowing the banks to steal homes and I’m beginning to wonder y2k fuckrd everything up so wall st covered their asses  - futures codes , Fraudulent document n perjury -  could it be true that the pensions are hidden and that’s why judges don’t care about the truth n evidence 

 An excerpt from the so-called EMC Restriction that was only sent to the mediation specialist of the court I never received my copy which was ordered by the court mandated mediator

“” Cannot be modified unless the mortgagee / is in default””.

So why did Hells Fargo continue to allow me to waste what little bit of energy I do have

I’m compiling and completing these 15 completed hardship packets WHY?????

that’s fraud that’s a dirty hands that’s an estoppel w. Waiver   a violations of Tila the real estate activations consumer financial protection bureau violations OCCFTC

they walk into  our Connecticut courts every Monday morning commit perjury and submitting falsified documents to the court's WHY ARE OUR  courts and judges  allowing this  illegal activity to happen - cancer patients and the families are losing everything including their homes and no one's doing a damn thing about it 


WHATS UP WITH ALL OF THE CORRUPTION?? this judge does not find The opposing attorney guilty of perjury in his court !

The court finds that, as of the date of judgment, which was December 12, 2016, the value of the property was $129,000 and the amount of the debt was $240,563.16.


What is this bullshit ... The court awards $2,016.00 in attorney's fees in addition to the previous award.


Law day set for Monday, March 6, 2017, for the owner of the equity of redemption, and subsequent days for subsequent encumbrancers in the inverse order of their prior ,,,bla bla bla

Oh nowhere is my attorney of record  and what did she do

as of December 10, 14, 2016 - I have 4  legal motions entered into the court of Litchfield - none of which have  even been mentioned nor looked at by the judge yet opposing attorneys entered motion On December 14 2016 @ approx  9pm the plaintiffs motion showed up on the docket and ITS ALREADY BEEN GRANTED !

The court record says arguable , I did not argue my case yet ?  Is this legal or an Estoppel?  why did I file 4  LEGAL actions ? 

e-alerts are great - hells fargo has  ruined every single holiday, occassion or JUST EVERY FRIKKEN DAY SINCE THEY BEGAN LYING TO US IN 2008 !!! anywayz! 

plaintiffs motion was granted !!??!! 


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