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Loan tale told on lawn Republican American Local May 31, 2014 Widow vents frustration over her mortgage mess TORRINGTON

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''Mrs Profeta your modification should go through within days, we see no restrictions- All's we need now is a copy of the death certificate'' they said IN FRONT OF A CT FAIR HOUSING ATTORNEY !then months later they began DESTROYING A 13 YEAR OLD BOY WHO JUST WATCHED HIS DADDY DIE HORRIFICALLY, as did our 3 other children and I - WELLS FARGO/ US BANK/ HUNT AND LEIBERT !  HAVE DESTROYED MY FAMILY !!  I pray my Judge see's through all their liesis fair, swift and A VERY  just Judge ![ hense, Estoppel with waiver ]   Loan tale told on lawn Republican American -  and im not lisa, lisa was a contact in the story..but its all good Local Saturday, May 31, 2014 1:06 AM EDT Loan tale told on lawn Widow vents frustration over her mortgage mess TORRINGTON - A mother of four who lost her husband to cancer in 2012 has taken her angst over the specter of foreclosure by Wells Fargo to the street - or, actually, to her lawn Only on 3Widow trying to keep family in Torrington homePosted: May 30, 2014 7:50 PM EDTUpdated: Jun 27, 2014 8:02 PM EDTBy Joseph Wenzel IV, News EditorBy Matt Campbell TORRINGTON, CT (WFSB) -A Torrington widow and her children said they are about to be kicked out of their home. Beth Profeta said she has money to make partial payments, but needs her loan modified and keeps running into road blocks. The front yard of Profeta's residence on New Harwinton Rd has turned to one big public plea. In bright pink, she's looking for any way to save her home. "All of my bills are current except for my mortgage," Profeta said. The monthly mortgage is $1,600. When her husband was diagnosed with appendix cancer in 2009, they could tell they needed to modify the loan. Profeta said she was looking to adjust the mortgage by $600. "I can do under $1,000," Profeta said. "I can't do $1600, and pay the bills and feed my family." But Profeta said Wells Fargo refused to modify.  "They say I don't have enough income coming in, which I do," Profeta said. "I know I can make it work." Profeta said not only would Wells Fargo not budge, they told her, to stop paying altogether, so she hasn't paid any money to the bank since September 2011.  "I was told they won't accept it," Profeta said. "I don't have it in writing, but that's what I was told." "I don't know why a bank would say something like that," said Eric Chatman, who is the president with the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority. Chatman said that shouldn't be happening on Friday, but people Eyewitness News spoke with in the state's banking department told the station who said the advice to "not pay" if you can't pay in full was not uncommon in the past. Now, facing foreclosure, Profeta said she isn't losing this home without a fight and has taken the battle public. The signs in the front of her lawn have got the attention of hundreds in Torrington.  "This is my family. This is my heart and soul," Profeta said. "Our blood sweat and tears are in this house." Profeta said she is still looking for help and the state's housing finance authority may be able to provide it. It's already saved 100 homes from being lost to foreclosure this year. Eyewitness News put Profeta in touch with state housing officials, who said she needs to show a loss of income and a reasonable chance of re-payment. "It seems reasonable," Chatman said. "If someone can pay $1,000, we can top off the $600. There are plenty of cases in which we are helping people that way. Eyewitness News did reach out to Wells Fargo national and the local branch in Waterbury, and haven't heard back. If you find yourself in a similar situation, officials with the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority said they are willing to help. Interested parties can call them at 860-721-9501, email or visit its website,  Copyright 2014 WFSB (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved. Share on Facebook Read more:   MY STORY ..... Back in 2009, President Obama told Every American to take advantage of the new low rates being offered as ALL these banks were bailed out- the president said refi or if you can prove hardship, MODIFY - well My husband and I have been trying since 2009 , HE'D JUST BEEN DX'ED WITH AN INCURABLE  RARE CANCER - APPENDICEAL ADENOCARCINOMA - we have proven hardship, OVER AND OVER AGAIN I HAVE 4 TOTE BAGS FULL OF REQUESTED FAXED DOC'S- THEY NEVER HAD ANY INTENTION OF MODIFYING US !   WE JUST WANT TO KEEP OUR HOME - by lowering our mortgage payments ! Yet wells fargo WILL NOT BUDGE- I'VE LAUNCHED SEVERAL OFFICIAL COMPLAINTS - BUT WELLS FARGO CONTINUES TO LIE- CONTINUES TO BE IN 100% NON COMPLIANCE WITH OUR PRESIDENT! NOW THEY TELL US ASC/ which wells fargo OWNS / EMC + JP MORGAN STANLEY + USBANK NATIONAL AND BEAR STERNS SWOOPED DOWN AND BOUGHT UP OUR NOTE IN 2011 - KNOWING FULL WELL MY HUSBAND HAD A RARE APPENDIX CANCER - NO CURE and he was going to die - leaving a widow and 4 kids ! THEY REFUSE TO ADJUST THE INT RATE ! They CONSTANTLY told us NOT to pay our mortgage until the mod went through- that Bob & I STARTED TOGETHER in October 2011 !         LISTENING TO & PLACATING THEIR IDIOTIC REQUESTS, I've increased income!  I NOW OWE ??  MONTHS - THEY HAVE BEGUN FORECLOSURE PROCEEDINGS , AS SOON AS THEY KNEW BOB WAS DEAD -  MY 13 YR OLD CHILD FOUND THE FORECLOSURE PAPERS THROWN ON THE FRONT PORCH! ON MY 30TH spoc - YET THEY refuse to tell the truth ! Therefore - I MAKE THIS PROMISE BEFORE GOD , BEFORE EVERY1, that with all that I am - for my husband's deathbed promise I made to him AS WE PUT IT 'OUR' LITERAL BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS  IN THIS HOUSE, '' DONT LET THEM GET IT'' BobProfeta said as he lay dying in our bed in OUR HOME!!!  I DONT ASK FOR ME ! I ASK FOR BOB! and for our 4kids - THEY WILL NOT TAKE OUR HOME ! IM NOT ASKING ANY1 FOR 1 PENNY- JUST HUMAN COMPASSION AND YOUR SIGNATURE ! Please sign n SHARE  this petition and help my family be heard !

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