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Whitehouse, congress: Create the Sandy Hook Act

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On December 16th, 20 young Children and 6 Teachers, were masacred by a lone shooter troubled with mental illness. I am recommending the creation of the "Sandy Hook Act".

Investigations after this horrible tradgedy uncovered that the mother of the shooter (Adam Lanza) had purchased firearms, and provided Adam Lanza with shooting instruction at a gun range. In this instant, the mother, having full knowledge that her son sufferred from emotional and mental illness, gave access to, and teaching to Adam who used the very same firearms to take the lives of the poor helpless children.

The Sandy Hook Act, would require:

1. Anyone attempting to purchase or acquire a firearm who has a person(s) residing in their household that suffers or has suffered from a mental illness shall not be elidgable to purchase, obtain or poses a firearm, and falsifying information on the application for a firearm would result in a Felony.

2. Anyone who knowingly sells, gives access, training, instruction or posession of a firearm to an individual(s) who is suffering from, or who has a documented permanent mental illness is guilty of a Felony.

3. Establish a Registry with the Federal Bureau Of Investigation for reporting of individuals who have been diagnosed with or are being actively treated for a mental illness to restrict the purchase or acquisition of a firearm.
3.a. Require medical professionals to report individuals who have been diagnosed or are being treated for mental illness.
3.b. Individuals who have been treated for temporary mental illness such as depression, but have been free from mental illness for a documented period of 36 months may be exempt from this rule.

These are reasonable measures of Gun Control that would have prevented the Sandy Hook tragedy as well as many other public shootings, murder-suicides, and gun related deaths in this country, without restircting those who rightfully and responsibly own or poses a firearm.

Please help spread the word of this Petition and help save the lives of innocent children and citizens without reducing the rights of responsible Americans!

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