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White Collar Crimes Can Still Be Violent Crimes

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We really need to re-evaluate Punishments for White Collar Crimes. White Collar Crimes are deemed Non-Violent so they are not as severe in the Punishment & they get treated more like they are in a Country Club than in Prison.

Lets examine this Non-Violent claim by following the Negative Ripples Generated. The Financial Crisis. It seems like most people have lost their Retirement & they keep saying Social Security will be out of money. Out of desperation some people resorted to Crime. Some people became Violent Criminals. Some people killed themselves. Some people killed their Families & then themselves. Should they be held accountable for these actions, yes! Could they foresee these as possibilities, only if they were to look at History besides, "Ignorance is no excuse for the Law".

Take Myanmar or the Niger Delta both of these Regions are without Freedoms or Human Rights because there was profit to be made. Its cheaper to pay off a couple of people in the Administration or one or both Warring Sides. Both Regions tried Peaceful Protests only resulting in Mass Murder. Both Mass Murders were PROVEN to be encouraged by Big Business.
Myanmar Profits at Gunpoint

Niger Delta

These Non-Violent White Collar Crimes have Negative Ripples that cause Ecological Devastation, Oppression, Wars, Negative Ripples for Generations to come. Some of these Negative Ripples may never be recovered, like the loss of a Species of Plant or Animal perhaps even Clean Water or a Forest or a Mountain will be things of the past. We need these Diverse Gene Pools to fight diseases present & future.

"We The People" most certainly should not be fighting for whether or not these People are Prosecuted but here we are...

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