Save Malvern Springs Village Centre

Save Malvern Springs Village Centre

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At the Ordinary Meeting of Council (City of Swan) on 3rd June 2020 Council resolved to recommend that the WAPC refuse to approve the proposed amendment to the Malvern Springs Development Plan No 6. 

Signatories to this Petition support this decision and also request the WAPC refuse the proposed amendment to Malvern Springs Development Plan No.6 - Lot 9295 Elmridge Parkway, Ellenbrook (DP-6/J).

Malvern Springs, like most villages in Ellenbrook, was masterplanned with a Village Centre. According to the Development Plan “the Village Centre will provide the primary focus for community activities and interaction and bring to the village a sense of permanency that is lacking in conventional suburban area.”

Ellenbrook is Australia’s most awarded residential development. It has been bestowed with over 30 state and national awards. In 2015, Ellenbrook was given the impressive mantle of world’s best master planned community by the international Real Estate Federation.

Residents and ratepayers are calling on the developer to provide the facilities and services proposed by the developer in the original development plan. There are now more dwellings and residents proposed to live in Malvern Springs than was originally planned in 2006 but the developer is seeking permission to remove the very heart of the planned community - the Village Centre. 

Signatories to this petition DO NOT support the provision of housing on the above lot as an acceptable change of use by the developer and request that the WAPC refuse the proposed amendment.