Remove cell towers from all West Ada schools and no more cell towers on school property

Remove cell towers from all West Ada schools and no more cell towers on school property

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West Ada School Board has a policy of allowing cellular towers on school properties, excluding elementary schools.  After a cell tower was placed on the property of Eagle High School, meter testing showed that levels outside and inside classrooms was up to 66,667% higher than the level where negative changes occurred as concluded in a 2012 report. That report looked at over 1,800 studies from around the world. There was no notice given to parents and staff about this cell tower going in.  Teachers I talked to a few months after it was installed had no idea it was even there.

Readings were also taken across the street from the school, and the numbers were extremely high, up to 33,333% higher than what is known to cause health effects.

There is ample evidence that being exposed to this microwave radiation from wireless technology causes health issues such as sperm damage, sleep issues, DNA damage, cancer, headaches, concentration and memory issues, increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier as well as many others.  Of course there are industry-sponsored studies showing no effects, but so did the tobacco industry.  As there is certainly enough evidence to show that there is a causal relationship between these health issues and exposure to this radiation, it is completely irresponsible to locate a cell tower on a school property where students who are still developing and staff spend hours per day there.  Their exposure is involuntary; whereas cell phone use is and can be turned off.  Cell towers are on 24/7/365.

A school in Ripon, California installed a cell tower in 2009.  Last year two fifth graders and two staff were diagnosed with cancer, one with a rare brain cancer.  Both boys had attended school with the tower since kindergarten and were diagnosed in fifth grade.

We therefore respectfully petition you to remove all cell towers from school properties effective immediately.  We would like a law passed that prohibits cell towers, masts, or the new 5G equipment from being sited on school property or within 1,500 feet of any school. 

I have posted much more information about studies' results, the meter readings, and videos of the readings here: