Limit Wellington's Southern Landfill and stop burying sewage there!

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This petition is submitted by Ōwhiro Bay Residents Association (ŌBRA) and asks Wellington City Council to: 

  • Stop burying sewage sludge at the landfill. 
  • Delay the landfill extension until the September sewage sludge option paper
  • Initiate a concrete regional action plan with timeline for landfills and new treatment plants 
  • Reduce the Southern Landfill Extension application to allow for a maximum of 5-10 years. 
  • Guarantee the landfill will not mop up waste as other landfills close. 
  • Co-ordinate Wellington City Council's interdepartmental waste planning. 
  • Engage residents in Wellington City Council'ls decision-making. 

WCC will soon apply for resource consent to double the size of the southern landfill, enough for 25 more years. This allows for continued burial of sewage sludge from Moa Point and Karori and for taking 60% extra waste as other regional landfills gradually close. We demand a regional strategy that comes up with solutions, not waffle, to recycle and treat waste with modern technology. We reject the degradation of an area next to Zealandia and heavy traffic through Brooklyn increasing over 25 years. 

WCC is nearing completion of a ‘due diligence’ process so it can obtain resource consent for doubling the size of the Southern Landfill so that it can be used for another 25-35 years, obliterating the pristine parts of Carey’s Gully.  ŌBRA believes this process is flawed, and we believe primarily driven by the need to bury the city's sewage sludge.

You can read more about this issue here.