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Allow Dogs on Wellington Public Transport

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As an avid dog-lover, I look forward to spending as much time as possible with my four-legged companions, and as a proud Wellingtonian, I also want to be able to enjoy my time out and about our beautiful city with my best friends: my dogs. This is currently not possible due to Wellington City's strict by-laws. I propose allowing dogs on public transport. These are some of my ideas to make it possible:

The division of public transport into NO PETS and PETS ALLOWED.
Want to take your dog with you? Jump on the PETS ALLOWED train/bus. Don't want to sit with dogs? Jump on the NO PETS bus/train. Even if it was only 1 train/bus out of 3 that allows pets. This accommodates for the people who are allergic, or even just for the people who downright don't like dogs (it's cool, we forgive you) while also allowing people to travel with their pets if they please.

And/Or - A time restriction could also be an idea to help make this work. Dogs allowed on public transport on WEEKENDS ONLY. Or, dogs allowed on public transport during off-peak hours only. 

And/Or - dogs allowed on certain bus routes only (Not directly through the city). 

And/Or - Dogs that want to be taken on public transport must be specially registered as a "Companion Pet allowed on Transport" through the Council. They must have passed Advance Training (like the requirement for RDO status) and have proven to be well-behaved in social situations (with people and other dogs).

And/Or - Dogs over a certain weight limit must be muzzled. I know- why do I need to muzzle my super friendly Golden Retriever?! (Or Rhodesian Ridgeback, for that matter) - well, I'm prepared to muzzle my dogs if it means they can join me on my way into town or to visit my friends across the city!

And/Or any agglomeration of the above. Any other ideas are welcome! Let's make Wellington the dog-friendly city I know it can be!

A couple more suggestions: 
1. You can only take up to two dogs per passenger on a train/bus
2. They must not take up a passenger seat- OR, if they do, you must pay an equal fair for them.
3. They must be leashed (of course!)/muzzled or in a carrier
(credit to: for these ideas!)

If Europe and the U.K can do it well, we can do it better! Let's go Wellington!

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