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We want the @FA & @PremierLeague to Cap away ticket prices at £30 #awaypricecap

This petition is a unified stance from fans of every Premier League club, against the ever-increasing ticket costs for away games.

It's aim is to make the FA and the Premier League introduce rules to make clubs change their short-sighted approach to supporters and help bring the game back to the working man.

We believe that capping away ticket prices at £30 is reasonable, in fact with prize money being doubled for all clubs next season in a TV deal that will see more than £3 billion enter the Premier League, clubs could afford to reduce ticket prices by £32. Yet ticket prices are again set to go up or be frozen next season.

Sky Sports, the League, The FA, sponsors, agents and players are all making more and more every year by exploiting the dedication of fans, however that dedication is now being stretched towards breaking point. No more so than in the case of the ever devoted away fan.

Another aim is to bring the end to away tickets being involved in the tiering systems that many clubs use. This brings an incredible increase in costs for fans of more popular clubs. For instance the difference in costs for travelling Manchester United fans and Reading fans is £216.50 (£840/£623.50). This is completely unfair.

We all know as fans that it’s hard to believe that the FA has our best interests at heart when the decision makers are the same people who’s day job is to make a profit for their own club. But as football fans we need to recognise that as a collective we have a voice more powerful than any chairman or chief executive. Fans in other European leagues would not stand for these prices and they certainly wouldn’t sit by and accept the explanations from the clubs. Fans across Germany & Sweden have shown us that they are capable of instigating change and we should be no different.

Although we are strongly against current away ticket pricing, we are also very aware that this is just the tip of the iceberg in the stand against modern football. We are fully behind any plans that bring about a change in club and league behaviour towards fans, grassroots football and the rest of the Football League. We intend to be supportive of other campaigns and are also fully involved in The FSF's Twenty's Plenty campaign. And wherever possible we will join forces and work together for football fans around the UK.

The best way we can boost the number of signatures is by sharing the petition on fan forums. Where this has happened so far there’s been a real spike in signatures. We’ve got a special short web address you can use Please post the petition link into forums, message boards and Facebook fan pages. This is a campaign for all supporters of all clubs and the broader the range of supporters behind it, the more powerful the campaign will become.

Split across the 20 clubs, 100,000 signatures works out at just 5,000 per club, that is easily achievable, and our next step should pave the way to achieving that goal, but we will need a little bit more of your help to make it happen.

We’ve also produced these flyers that you can put up in your local pubs, workplace or five aside pitches or sports clubs.

To help spread the word we have created a flyer you can download & print.



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30 Gloucester Place The Premier League
Wembley Stadium The English FA and The Premier League
This petition is to request a £30 cap on prices for away tickets in the Premier League.

Away support is one of the biggest contributors to a good atmosphere, without it there is no back and forth between the two sets of supporters. There's no question that more than half of the noise that the home fans make is fed by the presence of the away support.

Recently Arsenal announced the prices for the visit of Manchester City; an extortionate £62 - more than double what West Brom & Sunderland fans were charged. Add to this the cost of travel to London and you're talking over £200 for ONE game.

Away fans are being punished for their loyalty and love for their team, specifically those of the more successful teams. Clubs know that they will always try and find a way to pay to watch their team, but that time is starting to come to an end due to what is basically exploitation.

This and other prices are in danger of ruining the popularity of the premier league amongst local support, whilst removing the atmosphere at games.

We need to cap prices to keep the fans coming to games and I don't think £30 is an unreasonable price to ask. The away fans are the ones who have the extra cost already by having to travel further and sometimes find accomodation. To charge them less than the home fans should not be an unreasonable request.

We also need to be aware that this does not give clubs the right to increase home ticket prices to compensate, as that's just counter intuitive.