We want all disposable bottles to be completely biodegradable and compostable!

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More than a million per minute, 20,000 per second: these are the numbers of the plastic bottles purchased around the world. A lot of of these bottles end up in our oceans because of overpopulation,  producers' and consumers' carelessness or because of the inadequacy of the structures designed for garbage disposal.

The release of this huge amount of plastic into the sea (even the Mediterranean) and its consequent fragmentation into micro-plastic fibers, provokes enormous environmental damage which might affect citizens' health, since these fragments are ingested by all sorts of fish, ending up in their tissues and, often, also in the plates of consumers.

We are all involved, since we all share this one planet and, although everyone's small choices surely make a difference, in certain cases 'greater' decisions coming from above are required. As well as what happened with plastic shopping bags in the past, it is now necessary to produce bottles for water and other drinks using only biodegradable materials, because they now exist (polylactic acid or PLA, for instance) and there are no more excuses, but those provided by some corporations which still find plastic a lucrative business.

Whether you have children or not, please sign this petition.

If you want to find out more about this topic: watch 'A Plastic Ocean', produced by Leonardo Di Caprio and read about the Pacific Trash Vortex https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Pacific_garbage_patch

*On September 6th 2018 we started a collaboration with WWF Italy to reach our common goal together. Should you be interested in learning more, you could read the content of their petition here: https://www.change.org/p/giuseppeconteit-e-sergiocosta-min-rendiamo-plasticfree-i-mari-d-italia 

* This petition is part of a bigger campaign against disposable plastic production and misuse.

Ph: Debora Fabietti, 28/01/2018